REsponding to threatening, not suicidal behavior:

An individual whose behavior has become threatening, disruptive, or violent requires a different kind of approach. A very small number of people become aggressive when they are extremely frustrated by a situation that seems beyond their control. Although rare, it’s important to know how to respond.


If you feel uneasy about someone’s behavior:

  • Respect your unease and discuss the situation with a colleague, department chair, CDSW or the UCare committee
  • Identify exactly what is bothering you
  • Consider meeting with the individual to ask them to change the problem behavior
  • Make sure that others are nearby when you meet with the individual
  • Refer individuals for help (CDSW  573.341.4211)


If a threatening or violent situation occurs during class:

  • Ask the student to accompany you to discuss the situation in the department office
  • Avoid being alone or isolated with the student
  • Seek help from campus police or consult with CDSW staff


If you are alone with an angry, verbally abusive, or physically threatening student:

  • Acknowledge the student’s anger and frustration calmly; “I can see how upset you are because you feel no one is listening to you”.
  • Allow the student to vent feelings and frustrations
  • Calmly tell the student that the abusive behavior is unacceptable
  • Avoid arguing, shouting, becoming hostile or threatening
  • Don’t touch the student
  • Leave the situation if possible
  • Get help from campus police who are available 24/7 - (573.341.4300) or call 911